Berkefeld PurBev® Media Filter

Hygienic Sand Filters & Pressurized Filters.

BERKEFELD PurBev® Media Filter are pressurized filters engineered according to hygienic design directives for food and beverage water treatment. Filter media are chosen in function of the application.

Our range comprises:

  • BERKEFELD PurBev® Mono-layer sand filters
  • BERKEFELD PurBev® Multi-layer sand filters
  • BERKEFELD PurBev® Multi-media filters



  • Reduction of iron, manganese and aluminum
  • Removal of turbidity, suspended solids and undissolved contaminants
  • Biological removal of ammonia and nitrates
  • Removal of arsenic, fluorine, radium radioactivity, uranium & lead
  • Deacidification, CO2 reduction



  • Optimum product quality & safety by minimization of microbial risks
  • Reliable cleanability
  • Highly efficient operation minimized water losses during backwash
  • Easy dismantling of front piping for convenient maintenance
  • Long lifetime due to robust and high quality materials



Nominal flow rates: 5 – 120 m³/h per unit



  • Single – Multiple – Lead-lag
  • Internal or external backwash
  • Manual or automatic operation


Depending on the application the necessary pretreatment and accessories such as compressors aerators, degasifiers, scavenging air blowers, dosing stations, etc. will be included during the project planning.



  • Lean & hygienic front piping in 304/316L DIN 11850-2
  • High quality media
  • Full de-aeration ensured
  • Hot water/steam sanitizable
  • EHEDG approved components
  • Sterile sample valves
  • 60 nozzles/m² according to DIN 19605


Optional configurations are available for filter, piping and instrumentation. Contact us for more information.


Case Study - Mineral Water Brand - Poland (EN) (408.23 KB)
Case Study - Brewery - Cameroun (EN) (499.42 KB)
Case Study - Soft Drink Production - UAE (EN) (276.38 KB)
Case Study - Soft Drink Production - Egypt (EN) (472.13 KB)
Case Study - Process Water Treatment - Germany (EN) (443.55 KB)
Case Study - Soft Drink plant - North Africa (EN) (487.41 KB)

Berkefeld PurBev® RO

BERKEFELD PurBev® RO reverse osmosis plants are engineered according to hygienic design standards and meet the highest performance requirements of our customers in the food and beverage industry. Systems of this product range remove impurities and particles from water at efficiencies greater than 99%.
Reverse osmosis

Berkefeld PurBev® Polisher

The BERKEFELD PurBev® Polisher is an hygienic design particle filter for food and beverage water treatment. It is used for polishing after sand and activated carbon filtration.

Berkefeld PurBev® Carbon Filter

The BERKEFELD PurBev® Carbon Filter is an activated carbon filter engineered according to hygienic design guidelines. It is used for polishing or de-chlorination of water or condensate in food and beverage production.

Berkefeld PurBev® UF

BERKEFELD PurBev® UF is an ultrafiltration plant engineered according to hygienic design guidelines for food and beverage water treatment.
Membrane Filtration