Berkefeld PurBev® Polisher

Hygienic, Backwashable Particle Filter.

The BERKEFELD PurBev® Polisher is an hygienic design particle filter for food and beverage water treatment.


 It is used for polishing after sand and activated carbon filtration.



  • Sand and/or activated carbon filtrate polishing preventing fine particles from being present in the final beverage product water
  • Preventing sand, rust and other solid particles from entering water distribution networks and installations



  • Minimized microbial risk
  • Less particles in treated product water
  • Cartridges easy to remove and clean externally (compressed air or high pressure washer)
  • Easy dismantling for maintenance
  • Long cartridge lifetime



Nominal flow rates: 10 – 120 m³/h per unit



  • Robust cartridge filter featuring manual backwashing capability
  • Available nominal filter fineness: 15 and 25 µm
  • Complete stainless steel design
  • Hot water/steam sanitisable system
  • Hygienic pipe design, hygienic materials and EHEDG approved components
  • Self-draining piping arrangement for reliable cleaning and disinfection



  • Automatic backwashing
  • Pressure transmitters (differential pressure)
  • Automatic deaerating (air release) valves
  • Integration into frontal piping of Activated Carbon Filters
  • Supporting frame in SS 1.4301