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Solutions allowing the use of treated wastewater for beneficial purposes reducing water usage by optimizing applications, reusing in-process water & applying advanced tertiary treatments.
Biological wastewater treatment with microorganisms and a high treatment capacity in a very small footprint. Ideal solutions for new plants, upgrades and expansions.
A large mobile water fleet with local technical resources to quickly respond to our customers’ needs in the Middle East, reacting to both emergency, planned, and multi-year requirements.
Optimize your entire water cycle and connect your water equipment to Hubgrade : practical, sustainable and efficient path towards smarter water management and predictive evolution of operational parameters.
HydrexⓇ chemical solutions combine chemistries, equipment and services to ensure the long-term safety and resilience of installations while reducing their environmental impact and total operating costs.
The ecological solution for domestic wastewater treatment plants, from 100 to 10,000 Population Equivalent. It provides biological and natural treatments for municipal water and sludge management