Veolia Water Technologies : Expert in technologies and packaged solutions at the heart of water needs

Water technologies developed and patented by Veolia Water Technologies guarantee the optimisation of the resource as well as a water footprint reduction for thousands of industrial and public customers across the planet – every single day. Discover the full extent of our expertise in the treatment of drinking water, process waters and industrial and municipal wastewaters.    


Veolia Water Technologies is a subsidiary of the Veolia Group specialising in developing and implementing  water technologies. With a large portfolio of proprietary patents, dedicated teams of experts and expertise recognised by all our customers, our teams provide the most advanced technologies and solutions, adapted  to your exact specifications, and take care of installation, preventive maintenance and overhauls.    
Completely modular pre-engineered solutions can be provided for easier adaptation to your needs. Veolia Water Technologies' solutions can be installed as fixed units or as mobile water treatment units. This is particularly useful for construction sites, maintenance on fixed assets or in the event of a humanitarian crisis.
Veolia’s technologies are essential for public and private stakeholders wishing to improve the environmental impact of their use of water, from the supply and pre-filtration of the resource to the rejection of process water and wastewater into the natural environment. We provide you with the necessary sustainable development tools to support the energy transition of your company or community.    

  • Physical, chemical and biological processes     
  • Filtration and separation
  • Evaporation and crystallisation
  • Biosolid energy and value creation
  • Sludge management
  • Desalination


With a portfolio of patented and proven technologies, Veolia Water Technologies is an international benchmark for water treatment systems. For more information, consult the dedicated factsheet related to each of our technologies, or contact us for a more personalised approach.