Packaged & sustainable wastewater treatment plant

Making wastewater treatment compact, cost-effective, modular and more sustainable by optimizing and reusing resources.


Wastewater is continuously growing in volume due to the increase in domestic and industrial water consumption. You have to deal sometimes with rapid increases or fluctuations. Veolia Water Technologies responds to your diverse wastewater treatment needs with market-leading compact & cost effective technologies and processes. We support you in the implementation of sustainable solutions such as water reuse & resources optimization thanks to artificial intelligence. 


What challenges do you want to overcome?

Optimize resources and reuse wastewater in a water-scarce region


Increase your wastewater treatment capacity in a small footprint


Limit additional capital expenditures & make OPEX savings

Reduce your environmental impact


Wastewater today constitutes a fully recoverable resource thanks to the progress of wastewater treatment processes and reuse techniques. Reusing water also reduces the reliance on fossil fuel compared to producing new freshwater through desalination for the municipal and industrial sector alike. Our MBBR Pack & Ecodisk Pack align on the required quality standards to deliver Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) suitable for crop irrigation.



Modular package solution for treating wastewater


Designed for medium and big-sized plants, Veolia Water Technologies have developed MBBR Pack, a modular package solution for treating wastewater to achieve ultimate treatment capacity of 1000 m3/day of sewage.

You can benefit from multiple bundling possibilities. To solve your challenges and to meet all your quality requirements, MBBR Pack is a comprehensive solution that can be easily combined with other treatment steps, such as pre-treatment (coarse screening, flow equalization), sludge treatment and odour control, without alteration. In addition, MBBR Pack can also be easily retrofitted for large capacity plants with a common control panel, duty/standby arrangement of blowers and pumps.


Compact solution for domestic wastewater treatment


Designed for small and medium-sized rural or semi-urban communities, with populations of 100 - 5000 people equivalent (PE) to achieve ultimate treatment capacity of 100 m3/day. Ecodisk Pack is a treatment plant for domestic wastewater, including: campgrounds, hotels, restaurants, mountain huts, base camps, etc complying with water reuse quality standards.

Ecodisk Pack is a turnkey solution with pretreatment, biological treatment with secondary clarification and a tertiary polishing stage, as one package unit easy to operate, plug & play and very compact.

Maintain your performance

With a range of water treatment services

Comprehensive chemical programs to keep your effluent treatment reliable, compliant and cost-effective
Making water processes smarter, safer and more sustainable for your wastewater treatment plant.

They trust Veolia for their wastewater treatment packaged plant

53 packaged biological wastewater treatment units throughout Kuwait

Our solution facilitated the reuse of 40,000 cubic meters (m3) of water daily. 53 compact sewage treatment units were strategically deployed across multiple sites to address the shortfall in sewage management.