Global ELGA Veolia Team Successfully Participated in Arablab 2023 to Present the Green Lab of Tomorrow!

Being a global leader in sustainable water treatment solutions, ELGA Veolia was honored to showcase our latest technological advancements, such as complete lab water putification systems PURELAB Range, which includes such product as PURELAB Chorus, PURELAB Flex, and PURELAB Quest. 

Moreover, this year's exhibition highlighted itself by being unique for ELGA in terms of the approach and direction chosen to showcase units on the stand. Thus, with a focus on sustainability, intrinsic to the design of its solution, we were able to embrace our sustainable approach at any stage of the water purification process.  

Seminar with David Grant!

One of the main highlights for us became the seminar with one of our renowned experts from ELGA Labwater, Global Product Manager David Grant! He performed in front of the audience that attended the event with a topic "SUSTAINABILITY IN LABWATER". With it, we were able to close the event on such high and positive note!


Green Lab of Tomorrow 

To brand the event and highlight our presence, we focused on ELGA Labwater's main commitments to sustainability. With a slogan "Green Lab of Tomorrow", we successfully grasped ELGA's main responsibilities in the water purification industry needed for innovation of the industry through sustainable technologies, product designs, and ensure that our operations will have the minimum climate impact. 

  • Low Carbon Footprint Impact

As ELGA products are designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment at all stages: during manufacturing, in service, and at the end of the product life cycle. Thus, Quest highlighted this commitment by being made from 85% of reclaimed materials and utilizing long lasting consumables. 

  • Smart & Efficient Products

In order to keep up with the goal of creating the Green Lab of Tomorrow, ELGA Labwater creates SMART and EFFICIENT products, such as installing Hubgrade Digital Service alongside Elga devices that are accessible to planned preventive maintenance that is enabled by the availability of real time and historical system data.

  • Innovation and Recycling 

Third highlight of ELGA Veolia's commitments to sustainability is showcasing our dedication to reduce its product range further with new development and innovation through Recycle and Reuse Service, which includes recycling of SDI resin and plastic recycling provided for products. 


Prominent Stand Design

Another noticeable part of this year's Arablab Exhibition was the prominent design of the stand. With it, the main goal of the booth is to embrace ELGA Veolia's sustainable approach. Thus, the stand was built in the form of one of ELGA's most popular products, the PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete, which made visitors feel as though they are entering inside of the product and discovering the beauty of such technology at the same time.