Ezz Steel - Egypt

Securing water production for Ezz Steel, saving freshwater from the Nile river

| Saving natural freshwater resources and maintaining Ezz Steel’s business continuity

In water-scarce Egypt, major industrial players have been looking for ways to reduce their water consumption. Ezz Steel, one of the leading steel producers in the Middle East and Africa, entrusted Veolia Water Technologies Egypt with supplying mobile water solutions that allowed cooling water supply to switch from the Nile River to desalinated seawater. This change is saving precious freshwater resources while helping Ezz Steel maintain business continuity.


| Improve water feed quality and reduce freshwater & chemical consumption

We rapidly offer an alternative to the environmental challenge Ezz steel were facing by providing a reliable and secure source of water. Veolia provided an initial 8,000 m3/d capacity which was doubled during the second phase in April 2023 to reach 16,000 m3/d with:

  • 7 brackish water reverse osmosis systems (SWRO 35C) to further treat desalinated water
  • 2 ultrafiltration containerized units

For a quicker response, the process of implementation was done in 2 phases and took around 2 months to complete.


| Keeping Ezz Steel’s activity flowing

  • Improved water feed quality;
  • Reduced water and chemical consumption by 75%;
  • Secured 100% of their water production with lower chloride and total dissolved solids rate;
  • Optimized their cooling operations and maximized water reuse.

Veolia was able to provide an emergency response with the first phase being up and running in two months. It allowed us to reduce the use of freshwater while maintaining the steel production of our plants and reaching the required water quality

Mohamed Bakry, Utilities Senior Manager at Ezz Steel

| The client

Ezz Steel is one of largest and fastest growing steel producers in Middle East and Africa regions. Their main purpose is building steelmaking plants across Egypt region. With the company’s multiple application and technologies, they possess the capacity to produce around 7 million tons of long and flat products per year.

Key Figures
Duration: 24 months 
Type: Multi-year contract


reduction of chemical consumption

of Ezz Steel water production secured with lower chloride & TDS rates

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