Building Nosedo WWTP system’s resilience with Hubgrade digital solution


Located in Milan, the Nosedo Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is one of the best examples of water reuse in Europe. It treats 350,000 cubic meters of wastewater daily, with 60-70% directed toward agriculture, significantly mitigating the region's water scarcity challenges. However, as drought conditions threatened Italy's water resources, Nosedo sought a solution to bolster its resilience and optimize its processes.

Our experts introduced Hubgrade Performance, our digital monitoring system, and seamlessly integrated into Nosedo's operations. By providing real-time data for energy and chemical consumption, hydraulic capacity, and biological enhancement, Hubgrade not only enabled Nosedo to achieve annual operational cost savings exceeding €1,500,000 but also strengthened its ability to handle high load variations and wet-weather events, all while achieving a remarkable 20% higher hydraulic capacity in biology.

With Hubgrade, the municipality embarked on a journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future, demonstrating that innovation is the key to combating water scarcity and environmental challenges.