Veolia Water Technologies responds to COVID-19

Our team ensures #essentialservices are maintained amidst global pandemic

Our team ensures #essentialservices are maintained amidst global pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Veolia Water Technologies has remained committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities. 

We have put in place all necessary measures to maintain our business continuity in order to safely help our clients, municipalities and industries, maintain their own business continuity. 

In cases where plants had to be shut down or production reduced, our teams were available to ensure that this was done while preserving the integrity of the equipment and the safety of the water treatment chain. When came time to restart, we made sure that it was done safely and in a timely manner. 

Throughout, we provided technical services, maintained essential water treatment equipment, commissioned new treatment plants, supplied chemicals and mobile water services. 

Veolia Water Technologies employees were there, they were engaged, connected and resilient, knowing that they were providing #essentialservices.  And the fight continues, with the safety of everyone involved as our main priority. 

We are extremely proud of our team for stepping up.  Discover the solutions our team provided below. 


Whether they are service technicians, engineers, or managers, some of our team members share with us their pride in contributing to the delivery of…

Essential services

“I’m proud to be working in an industry that provides people with such an essential service — water is the most valuable resource we have. I'm happy to donate my knowledge and my time, even during this difficult period, to bring safe water to others and to take care of our invaluable planet."
"It felt great to contribute to this fight against the pandemic in my professional capacity."
"Knowing that our activity contributes to the production of products such as hydroalcoholic gel or activated carbon for researchers and caregivers, gives me a sense of pride. It is great to feel useful during these challenging times".
"We are committed to providing water treatment services during this critical period, and every day after."
"I would like to thank my team for its dedication and commitment for being here in the frontline, to continue providing services for the essential sector: water."

Safety Excellence

Davide explains how his health and safety team quickly adapted to ensure everyone’s safety while maintaining essential services.
"During this difficult time, as things are moving towards working from home, it is challenging but essential to keep connected with our clients."
"I am the only one who goes to construction sites with a derogation and extra COVID-19 related safety equipment on top of the usual personal protective equipment. I also have two technicians who keep the lab running."

Onsite maintenance and services

Jordan specializes in mechanical and electrical maintenance. In his video, Jordan takes us around the facility as he checks a MODI trailer.
“We understand that clinical diagnosis, research and medical monitoring cannot be interrupted. In these difficult times, we stand alongside our customers, users and their patients, as a strategic partner to rapidly adapt by providing remote assistance, optimizing logistics and when on-site complying with the highest security measures and protocols.”
"I feel useful to be participating in the smooth running of hospitals and helping protect people’s lives."
"It is always a joy at work even in these challenging times!"
"I am proud to contribute to the smooth running of hospitals, and to be able to manage emergencies efficiently in this time of crisis."

Digital services and keeping connected

Located in Italy and working in the EVALED business unit, Andres now monitors all his operations remotely and is working on detailed video tutorials to help our customers.
"Our service team has been working remotely since the beginning of March. Our technicians are willing to perform interventions on site but we prefer to troubleshoot remotely, as this is the first step to work safely."
"In this crisis context, our AQUAVISTA™ digital platform allows us to stay connected with our customers around the world and enables our engineers to ensure the continuity of their services."
"Working remotely has proven very difficult but I kept up the daily conference videos with my team and my clients. I’ve always believed in our responsibility to protect society by providing safe services, and this has not changed."

Teamwork and adaptability

Matt describes his working from home schedule, daily customer meetings and how he’s eager to get back out once it’s safe to do so.
“I’m proud that my team and the wider organization has made an extra effort in these unusual times to keep our business going and to follow restrictions. As we haven’t been able to meet in-person, we have found new ways of collaborating, some of which we will continue in our future work.”
"It makes me proud to work in such a motivated team of service colleagues despite the difficult times and to know that everyone is there for each other."
"I am proud of the Hydrotech team for taking up the challenge. Employees in engineering, procurement and production have shown a willingness and dedication to perform and deliver as agreed with our customers, working extra hours when necessary to secure on-time delivery."
"The team adjusted to the sudden change in work priorities in less than half a day. Decision making has been very collaborative and the principle of solidarity was immediately adopted."