A glimpse into VWT Middle East 2023 successes, paving the way for 2024.

"As we will step soon into 2024, the pulse of environmental consciousness beats stronger than ever. At Veolia Water Technologies Middle East, we are thrilled to continue our journey together towards a greener future and are excited to have you with us, ready to Green Up and contribute to the ongoing ecological transformation by implementing treatment solutions that decarbonize, save, regenerate and decontaminate resources."
Thierry Froment
Chief Executive Officer at Veolia Water Technologies Middle East


In 2023, our company successfully implemented a range of cutting-edge and sustainable water treatment solutions, resulting in remarkable achievements across the Middle East region: 

  • We contributed to creating and extending wastewater treatment plants, increasing production capacities, and addressing water scarcity challenges by promoting the reuse of treated water for various industrial and domestic needs. 
  • The successful deployment of packaged wastewater treatment plants, as deployed in the Neom area in Saudi Arabia, and a focus on sustainability underscored our commitment to achieving water efficiency, environmental stewardship, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. 
  • Our Mobile Water Services (MWS) fleet in the region ensured our industrial clients had access anytime to treated water, allowing business continuity and production, as exemplified with Ezz Steel in Egypt. 
  • Our commitment to excellence was further underscored by the successful deployment of innovative technologies, including digital monitoring solutions like Hubgrade Essential for Nakheel - a leading real estate developer in Dubai, UAE. 
  • Moreover, our Chemicals Services team significantly reduced the carbon footprint and achieved noteworthy reductions in energy and water consumption for our clients, thanks to our full range of Hydrex water treatment chemicals, as demonstrated with MEFSCO, a food & beverage company in Saudi Arabia.
  • In the pharmaceutical field, we provided 291 Elga labwater purification systems for applications in research and analytical laboratories, medical and clinical facilities.
  • Finally, we succeeded 4 consecutive years without any Lost Time Incidents (LTI) and our Frequency Ratio is maintained at zero to keep our team #AlwaysSafe

Thank you to all our Middle East Clients for your confidence in VWT and for having given us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 89. In the spirit of eco-conscious collaboration, let's embark on a year of impactful initiatives and collective achievements. Your role in advancing sustainability is pivotal, and together, we can make 2024 a year of positive change for our planet.