Revolutionising Water Management with Mobile Water Services Solutions

Two insightful webinars to inform our audience about why mobile water services can revolutionize water management for industries. Discover valuable insights from our renowned specialists and Haitham El-Kott.
Explore Veolia's Mobile water services fleet of the Middle East : Exclusive Insights from our Renowned Specialists and Haitham El-Kott

Veolia Water Technologies, renowned for its expansive portfolio, stands as a global leader in sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions, offering different packages and mobile solutions to industries. 

With a fleet of more than 100 Mobile Water Services assets located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, our organisation provides prompt relief tailored to serve the clients at every stage all over the Middle East region. From temporary water treatment solutions to longer term water supply, we ensure commitment quality, reliability, and following all safety regulations that are crucial for industrial operations. The consequences of water shortage or unplanned water events for industries are dire, including revenue loss, infrastructure damage, and reputational harm. 

By conducting two insightful webinars, we aimed to inform our audience  about our core capabilities (fleet, technologies, infrastructures) and our innovative & sustainable solutions in the Middle East to address the industrial water challenges in a water scarce region. 

WEBINAR 1: explore more about how can industries manage process water shortages and mitigate the risks for their operations

During the first webinar organised to explore the topic of the Mobile Water Services, we welcomed 2 experts who have been in the water treatment sector for more than 20 years:  Laurent Hanique, Mobile Water Services expert in Veolia Water Technologies and Haitham El-Kott, an independent water expert. They shared their thoughts, analysis, trends, and solutions about the challenges of process water for industries in the Middle East region. Water is an essential resource for many industries, and a shortage of treated water can have severe consequences for their business. Their discourse highlighted Veolia's proficiency and inventive approaches designed to meet the urgent but also long-term water management requirements of global industries.

Thus, we explored 3 flexible offering packages, ranging from emergency responses to long-term solutions.

Webinar with Laurent Hanique and Haitham El-Kott


3 flexible offering packages

Package #1. Emergency packages

In case the client has any breakage in his plant, or in the immediate need for specific assets Veolia is offering the delivery of the solution for 24/7, 365 days in a year to ensure that the plant is working and ready for a continuous supply for industrial water resilience.

Package #2. Maintenance plan

The second package of the maintenance planning is offering the solution for 2-3 months before the water supply. In this case, the company has to inform us about the planned updates so we can prepare the maintenance of the plant according to the client’s needs

Package #3. Multi-year package.

Third, and the last package that was offered is the solution for clients that hesitate to do investments right away, but need for the water supply is urgent due to increase in capacity without the CAPEX. Thus, it creates a demand for 1-2 year long assets, which can be provided by us by proceeding with the 3rd package. 

Watch Webinar Recap with Laurent Hanique & Haitham El-Kott to get more insights on the 3 exclusive offerings!


Discover Veolia’s largest regeneration facility & mobile fleet of 100 assets in Dammam - Saudi Arabia, with Hossam Atta & Haitham El-Kott

On November 29th, two renowned water experts of the water industry: Haitham El-Kott, Water expert & consultant and Hossam Atta, Deputy Director Techno Products & Services for Veolia Water Technologies Saudi shed light on the Mobile Water Services assets & regeneration solutions available in Veolia’s facility in Dammam,  and their significant impact on addressing water supply needs for industries.

Facility Tour and Discussion

The highlight of the event was a virtual tour of one of Veolia's impressive facilities housing Mobile Water Services units, the biggest facility of its kind in the Middle East located in Dammam, KSA. Haitham El-Kott and Hossam Atta led the audience through a discovery of a diverse range of mobile units, showcasing the vast capabilities of these mobile treatment solutions. Participants had also the rare opportunity to witness the regeneration plant, allowing them to recycle resins used in the mobile water treatment process.

Mobile Water Services: Webinar Recap

Want to know more about Veolia's largest facility in Dammam, Saudi Arabia? Watch the full webinar!

Diverse Range of Mobile Water Services Units

Veolia's commitment to providing comprehensive water solutions was evident as the webinar showcased a diverse range of Mobile Water Services Units. From small-scale applications to large-scale processes, these units are assigned with direct emergency interaction and operation that are ready to be launched at any location determined by the client.

The webinar emphasised how the company's most important applications are tailored to meet the specific needs of water treatment plants, ensuring flexibility in operations.


MORO 4 X 25 T - Mobile Reverse Osmosis

The MORO–4x25T is a modular mobile trailer mounted reverse osmosis system to provide you with either single pass or double pass reverse osmosis treated water to meet your requirements in a flexible, fast and efficient manner. We can simply describe it as plug-and-play product, in which all the connections are done from the outside truck. The design for such asset is based on 4 skids, in which each skid is capable of producing around 25m3 per hour. Thus, total production consists of 100 m3 per hour and makes it 2400 m3 per day.


MODI 9000T - Mobile Deionization

Our second unit is used for emergency needs of water. This is the only unit able to do regeneration activity.  The MODI-9000T is a mobile trailer mounted demineralisation system to provide you with purified water to meet your treated water requirements in a flexible, fast and efficient manner without the use of onsite chemicals. MODI asset consists of pressure vessels, which contains 3 types of unique resins, such as cations, anions, and mixed bed. Moreover, the application is flexible enough as it is composed of 2 streams, each delivering 45 m3/hour. Thus, when they work in parallel it is capable of generating more than 90 m3/hour, which can be considered a large quantity for ultrapure and purified types of water.  This mobile water treatment plant can be deployed from our strategic located depots to ensure the optimum speed of response and minimal freight time.


SWRO 2x2000C - Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

Third asset, is the SWRO unit, a modular mobile container based reverse osmosis system designed for treatment of feed waters containing a high salt content, either brackish or sea water, enabling us to meet your requirements in a flexible, fast and efficient manner. It is famous for being named as the largest capacity in the whole Middle East Region, reaching 4000 m3/day as one compact system. This powerful service has a huge influence on the industry in the named area and is considered to be a great asset and added value to all the clients in the Middle East. 


A comprehensive look into the world of Mobile Water Services

In conclusion, the webinar has provided a comprehensive look into the world of Mobile Water Services, offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations. As the industry continues to seek sustainable and efficient solutions, Veolia's commitment to innovation stands out, leaving webinar participants with valuable insights and about the advancements in water treatment technology that we were able to accomplish.

Case Study: Ezz Steel, a leading steel producer

As the prime example of our commitment to ensuring continuous water supply for industrial resilience we shared the success story of Ezz Steel, a leading industrial company in Egypt.

For this, the client decided to transition their activities due to the water scarcity issues created by the use of water resources from the Nile River. However, with this they faced the challenge of high chloride levels in the water, which was the turning point for them to request a solution from us.

After contacting Veolia, they requested for a solution that can treat such an issue, after which we provided the treatment in 2 phases, up to 16000 M3/day of treated water within a mobile unit that we implemented in a fast manner. 

Ezz Steel: Saving freshwater from the Nile river with Mobile Water Services